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Learning her craft at the Bollywood & Hollywood institute (BHI) has helped Ayesha operate successfully as an independent makeup artist and carve a name for herself. Since graduating from BHI, she has worked with several renowned names internationally, which has only strengthened her expertise furthermore.

She was tutored personally by Donald Simrock, a well-known celebrity makeup artist in Hollywood, who further honed her skills. She is proficient in HD makeup, airbrush makeup and all other makeup nuances and is one of the most sought after names in high fashion and bridal makeup artistry.

Ayesha believes in providing her clients with an impeccable service and only uses high-end brands such as MAC, Makeup Forever, Huda beauty, Anastasia, Urban decay, Krylon and Dior.

She says using high quality products not only gives a splendid texture to the makeup, but also has a better effect, which shows in the end result on her clients. Customer satisfaction is a drug that encourages her to do more and get better results.

Ayesha prefers working independently as a freelance make up artist rather than working under a beauty brand, as it gives her the space to churn her creative juices and push her limits. Despite her success in the beauty field, Ayesha consistently tries to work on improving her art. The obvious next step for her is to open up a makeup academy and tutor aspiring artists and build a brand name for herself.

Besides her services, Ayesha is often heard dishing out various tips to her customers regarding beauty and hair care regime.

I truly believe that makeup is an art and beauty is spirit. I am always the first one to dabble into the current makeup trends and use the latest products from the best brands. Having worked with so many well-known photographers, designers and models across the world, I have had the opportunity to learn the nuances of makeup from the most inspiring people. I constantly travel to exciting places that keep me inspired and give me an insight into everyday fashion from different cultures. My constant need for perfection helps me deliver only the best results to my clients.

To make people look their best was always something I would fancy since I was a kid. Little did I know that I would actually end up embracing this profession as my life path. My natural flare for this art is something I have inherited from my mother. Watching her groom herself with so much passion every day made me take interest in various beauty products. Being a self-learner, I have always experimented with the best of products around the world. My success so far has been a by-product of consistently striving for customer satisfaction and a service worth their money.

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